Dyno Tuning

DNR Performance Dyno Tuning

  • Baseline (3 runs $80) = This gives your vehicles base wheel  horse power rating at the wheels.
  • Tuning (hourly rate $180) = This allows your vehicle to achieve its optimum performance.
  • Special rates available for groups of  4+

 Engine Managements

  • AEM Engine Management System
  • Apexi AFC/VAFC/AFCR/Power Commander/Neo
  • Crome
  • Fast
  • Greddy Emanage
  • Hondata
  • Motec
  • Neptune

 About the Dyno (New Upgrade)

New in ground two wheel Dyno Jet 248xLC  with load control provides best ground clearance possible.

  • Measures up to 2,000hp/2,000ft-lbs torque and 200mph
  • Print out is given at end of session, can be emailed at request.
  • All participants are required to fill out a release of liability form.

To make an appointment:

Call:(510) 573-1391 or Email: wicked1racing@gmail.com

General Q&A:

Do I need to have an alignment before I  dyno my car?

To achieve maximum Horse power output at the wheels alignment should be set.

Can your facility tune Carbureted and Injected engines?

Yes we can. We can anything from carbureted rotary engine to fuel injected V12’s.

What is the power handling of your dyno?

Our dyno can handle up to 2000 horse power

Will I make more power on your dyno than others?

There are many different types of dyno’s some read higher and lower than others. Dyno Jet and dynapack have roughly the same numbers.