Honda Tuning features DNR Insights

Congratulations Dave for being featured in Honda Tuning with a stunning 6 page layout.  Everyone pickup your copy today and swing by the shop for an autograph!


This Sunday, December 4th, we are having a dyno day from 11am-8pm. $40 for 3 pulls and printout (hp and tq, no a/f ratio). Fwd and rwd welcome, no awd. First come first serve bassis. We have an in ground Dynojet chassis dyno.

25710-2 industrial blvd.
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DNR 10.8@130.9mph all motor K24 crx

Oct. 17 2009 Sacramento Raceway test n tune, made 3 passes to test the new tranny and went: 11.02@128.6mph 10.9@130.2mph and this pass 10.8@130.9mph

Battle of the Imports

November 22
Auto Club Dragway
Fontana, CA


Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifold for Honda’s K-series has arrived. Skunk2 engineers looked to the popular ’06+ Civic Si’s RBC intake manifold for inspiration and went back to the drawing board. Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifold for Honda’s K-series features a larger plenum and shorter, oversized runners when compared to the RBC, and is cast with thicker wall material, leaving room for further porting for high-horsepower applications. Instead of producing a manifold with a significantly oversized plenum and excessively short runners that would sacrifice mid-range power, the Pro Series manifold was designed for the “street enthusiast” who wants more power but doesn’t want to sacrifice mid-range performance to get it. The results are improved airflow, an enhanced venturi effect, and both mid-range and top-end power gains.

Skunk2’s all-new, cast-aluminum Pro Series Intake Manifold for Honda’s K-series is a direct-fit replacement for all K20/K24 engines thanks to its unique, patent-pending water neck design and throttle body flange, which is compatible with OEM throttle bodies as well as those as large as 76mm (’06+ Civic Si requires adapter, sold separately). The special water neck design eliminates the cutting that would otherwise be involved with some RBC applications (remaining applications require special 1.0 x 11.5-inch NPT plug, sold separately), and the supplied thermal-insulated intake manifold gasket makes for a truly bolt-on installation (no drilling or modifying required). Pro Series manifolds also incorporate an angled-runner design, which allows for ample hood clearance on ’88-’00 Civics and ’90-’01 Integras with K-series engine swaps, as well as additional core support clearance on ’02-’05 Civic Sis. Read more ›

How Four Stroke Engines Work

The guys over at Skunk2 decided to make a cool little video about the internal workings of a Honda Four Stroke engine.

SSR 10.06 pass DNR Race Engine.

DNR Ported and Polished K20 Head K24 block

CMI north vs. South 2009 Sacramento Raceway Danny Tran in his six sigma engineering all motor k24 rsx 10.06@140mph

DNR Featured @

Article can be found here.

HD EG Hatch(11.9) vs DNR Performance CRX (11.1)

Raided by Skunk2

So apparently the boys at Skunk2 decided to come by for a visit and unfortunately for us we weren’t home.  Dave and Doctor Charles decided to leave stickers all over our windows and basketball hoop and had the nerve to film it all.  All I can say is I cant wait til we make a visit to socal. :) You can see their original post here.

Check out their video

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